Hi! My names Jess, I’m 23 and I am from Cheshire.

I’ve struggled extremely badly with my mental health since I was 13, and in that time I’ve been in and out of hospital, seen x amounts of councillors/ therapists to try and help my journey. As I got older I worked out a way to really help myself and make my journey easier, and that was to talk about it on my social media platforms.

I opened up about my mental health journey on a blog I post when I was around 18/19 and since then have always spoken about it on my Instagram. I’ve always been very raw and very honest about the difficulties we with mental health issues struggle with on a day to day basis.

I recently uploaded a couple of videos to my YouTube channel (which I’m very new too!) about my journey and how I am learning every day to cope. It’s really helped me, and I know it has helped others.

Which leads me to explain why I’m so passionate about mental health. As I said before I really have struggled, and I always thought when I was younger it would just go away... but it doesn’t, it gets easier to deal with. There have been various times I have tried to end it all. And I would never want anyone to feel the way I have felt before. My goal is to spread awareness and educate people on the seriousness of mental illnesses and just because you sometimes can’t physically see them, they are there. I want to help people understand and learn about different mental health issues and how to cope with them, and mainly, spread positivity! X